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Klip Xtreme

Klip Xtreme  is  the brand where lifestyle meets technology.

Specially focused on the expectations of the most discriminating consumer, the brand not only delivers unequalled performance, but also top-quality with the best user experience in every product they buy.

KlipXtreme®  is a global manufacturer focusing on premium audio devices and business products, in addition to a wide range of accessories and PC peripheral components.


Xtech is a versatile brand offering a diversified product portfolio, ranging from cables, adapters, office furniture, TV brackets, mounts and backpacks to audio devices, which includes speakers, earphones and much more. All in one place.


Forza Power Technologies is a globally recognized provider of energy efficient devices, ranging from precision engineered UPS Systems, Voltage Regulators, Surge Protectors to power strips, delivering exceptional levels of protection and performance for home, office and corporate applications.