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  • “Link ‘N’ Spell” The colourful and beautiful images will help the kids to identify, name and understand different language concepts! - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Letter Recognition Letter sounds Spelling Reading Skill

    $TT 99.00
  • “Spell a Word” helps children to learn and practice various spellings developing their vocabulary with the help of colourful and beautiful images. - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Letter Recognition Spelling Skills Vocabulary Knowledge about new things

    $TT 94.50
  • "Abacus Step – 1" is a practical and fun tool to help children learn and practice addition, subtraction and place value while playing. - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Place Value Understanding Addition Understanding Subtraction.

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  • ‘Sort & Match’ is the next level of ‘Match ‘N’ Learn’. In this game, the child not only learns to recognise and match the identical objects but also to classify them. The game is suitable for the children of the age 3 years an above. - Ages: 3 & Above Skills Developed Observation and Concentration Visual Discrimination Logical Thinking...

    $TT 94.50
  • "Alphabet Match" is an innovative, simple, fun game to reinforce pre-reading skills in children. - Ages: 3 & Above Skills Developed Visual Discrimination Eye-hand Coordination Letter recognition and their Sounds Matching Skills Language Development Problem Solving

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  • The Solar System "A Space Science game to explore all about the Sun, its Planetary System and detailed study of the Earth and its Moon. - Ages: 8 & Above Skills Developed Knowledge about solar system: Galaxies Stars Planets Detailed study of Earth and Moon Exploratory skills Observation skills

    $TT 108.00
  • Creative's “Little Learner's Pack Part 1” has been specially designed by ‘Early Learning Experts’ to help children develop necessary early learning skills. - Ages: 3 - 5 Skills Developed Observation Skills Visual Discrimination Matching Skills Eye-Hand Coordination Memory Skills Problem Solving Logical Thinking

    $TT 112.50
  • ‘Link 'N' Learn – Elementary Maths’ is a comprehensive and interactive kit to learn, practice and reinforce ‘Pre-Number’ and ‘Number Skills’ using simple, interactive and easy-to-use number and math sign tiles and other materials. - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Sequencing Basic mathematical operations Understanding of Quantitative values of...

    $TT 78.75
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