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  • “Link ‘N’ Spell” The colourful and beautiful images will help the kids to identify, name and understand different language concepts! - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Letter Recognition Letter sounds Spelling Reading Skill

    $TT 99.00
  • The Solar System "A Space Science game to explore all about the Sun, its Planetary System and detailed study of the Earth and its Moon. - Ages: 8 & Above Skills Developed Knowledge about solar system: Galaxies Stars Planets Detailed study of Earth and Moon Exploratory skills Observation skills

    $TT 108.00
  • Creative's “Little Learner's Pack Part 1” has been specially designed by ‘Early Learning Experts’ to help children develop necessary early learning skills. - Ages: 3 - 5 Skills Developed Observation Skills Visual Discrimination Matching Skills Eye-Hand Coordination Memory Skills Problem Solving Logical Thinking

    $TT 112.50
  • ‘Link 'N' Learn – Elementary Maths’ is a comprehensive and interactive kit to learn, practice and reinforce ‘Pre-Number’ and ‘Number Skills’ using simple, interactive and easy-to-use number and math sign tiles and other materials. - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Sequencing Basic mathematical operations Understanding of Quantitative values of...

    $TT 78.75
  • ‘Our Five Senses’ by Creative’s aims at explaining the five senses of our body and their importance in our lives. - Ages: 5 & Above Skills Developed Knowledge of five senses Classification skills Visual discrimination Concentration Vocabulary

    $TT 83.25
  • "Speller Junior" is an interactive game which is tried and tested spelling game to learn and practice 560 carefully selected words which make up 2/3rd of the everyday vocabulary. - Ages: 8 & Above Skills Developed Spelling of 560 words Vocabulary Reading Skills Listening Skills Speaking Skills

    $TT 99.00
  • "Speller Senior" is an interactive way to learn and reinforce spelling of more than 900 important words which are usually misspelled and to develop essential reading skills. - Ages: 10 & Above Skills Developed Spelling of 900 words Vocabulary Reading Skills Listening Skills

    $TT 105.75
  • ‘Grab A Word’ is an interactive spelling game that helps children to reinforce and practice their spellings using their logical thinking. - Ages: 8 & Above Skills Developed Letter Recognition Word Formation Spelling Skills Logical Thinking

    $TT 85.50
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