Conditions of Sale


General Conditions

Until full payment has been recieved the Business Supply Group Limited, BOSS Division (the Company) for all goods supplied at any tme by the Company to Consumer, the property in the goods shall remain with the Company notwithstanding delivery of the goods to Customer. However, the goods shall be Customer's risk from time to time of delivery to Customer or to any carrier or agent acting on Customer's behalf and until the total purchase price of the goods has been paid the Company shall be entitled to repossess and/or sell the goods (and for the purpose of repossessing the goods the Company shall be at liberty to enter upon any land or building on or which the goods are situated or are thought by Company to be situated) and the costs and expenses of repossession, storage, insurance and sale shall be for Customer's account.


All collection charges and/or legal cost incurred by the Company for the recovery of outstanding debts shall be for the Customer's account.


Specific Conditions


S.T.C         Means Short Term Credit. In event that payment is not received on delivery and The Business Supply Group Limited- BOSS Division agrees to leave goods invoiced on Customer's premises, payment shall be due within 30 days of the date or delivery.


CHARGE     Accounts are strictly monthly and are due for payment by the 25th of the month following month of transaction.A Credit Charge of 1.5% per month or part thereof will be made on any balance not paid by the end of the month following the month of the trasaction.


Dishonoured Cheques       

If a customer's cheque is returned form the Bank with the notation "Refer to Drawer" or "UNcleared Effects", a $20.00 Service Charge shall be for Customer's Account.


N.B. In addition to the above, Customer's attention is drawn to the Negotiable Instruments (Dishonoured Cheques) Act, 1998 and in particular Sections 3 and 5 of the said Act.