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Sensory Aides

What are Munchables?

Munchables are chewable jewelry (chewies) that diverts chewing from fingers, clothing and pencils acting as discreet, stylish sensory aides. They provide children with a focus point, which can help kids filter out extra sensory information. Chewies may help regulate attention, concentration, emotions and other behaviors.

Munchables chewies are stylish and fun. The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists have stated that Munchables can be “used to replace inappropriate chewing behavior (i.e. chewing on fingernails, pencils or clothing) and to provide potential regulating effects for the sensory system, reducing fidgeting, promoting alertness, attention and focus.”

Creativity For Kids

Creativity for Kids offers fun and creative experiences today to nurture children’s confidence for life. 40+ years of experience makes us THE experts in the creative activities category that we founded. We know that engaging children in creative activities develops confidence through problem solving, self-expression and independence. Award-winning and highly engaging, the Creativity for Kids line has a wide variety of activities for girls and boys. Craft activities kits span a variety of sub categories such as fashion, jewelry, paper & memory crafts, light-up crafts, room décor, preschool crafts, sensory crafts, GROW gardening crafts, Inventive Creativity Kits by Spark!Lab Smithsonian and holiday crafts.

Fine Art

A collection of our fine art products that contain thicker paper specifically made for watercolours, acrylic and pastels.