S-Tixx Ballpoint pen (Platignum)

$TT 4.50 VAT incl.


  • Soft grip Disposable Pen – ready to use
  • Black, Blue, Green and Red BallPoint Pens
  • Ergonomically designed triangular barrel
  • Ventilated pen cap with secure click
  • Nickel Silver Tip
  • Each Pen will have a product & barcode printed on it
  • Hybrid LV ink – smooth writing and quick drying 

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  • Fast drying – Smudge free inks make them ideal for left handed writers.
  • Suitability for the majority of papers
  • Write out length is 700m
  • Line Width 0.53mm
  • Nib Width is 1.0mm

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S-Tixx Ballpoint pen (Platignum)